Sunday, October 27, 2013

Make Money

Start you own business in the Apps Industry

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This is what's new in Tech...and it's going to be huge

You may have heard or you may not have heard of a new company and platform gaining in popularity called Rippln.

This of the people, by the people, and for the people company is revolutionizing how apps, products, websites, services, etc. will be distributed online and offline.

Where the end users were usually left out of the profit equation, they are now able to get paid for the value that they bring to the marketplace by starting their very own social sharing business on the Rippln platform.

Rippln's new technology has the ability to track an individuals social graph as it stands today and as it grows tomorrow...On Facebook, this is called your friends list, and for Facebook, tech companies, and the companies that sell hard goods, this list has a monetary value. An anticipated expected return based on the size of the average friends list which is approx. 235 - 250 friends.

You share and they make money in the millions and in some cases billion of dollars range, but in the past, we have been cut out!

What if you could get paid for that?

A company has founded, developed, engineered and innovated the marketplace as we know it, and now has a way to track your social influence and as it grows on this new Incentivized Social App and Product Sharing Platform and that company is RIPPLN!

Instead of you only getting to spend your money, you can get paid for all the commerce happening, in what Rippln calls, your "ripple effect" aka your social graph, which is exponentially larger than what you can see on Facebook...It is INFINITE.

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