About Me

It is nice to meet you!

Hi my name is Didi, I’m a married SAHM of 2 gorgeous kids. A little bit about me…I began sweepstaking two years ago. I found myself bored and wanted to take on a new hobby. I also wanted to do something that would contribute in some way to the needs and wants of my family. I remember seeing a show on sweepers and that’s really how it all began. I fell in love with free stuff.

Lucky Contest is where I share my passion for entering and winning sweepstakes and to help you learn how you can also win.

The first year of sweeping I brought home cash, gift cards and electronics, etc. The biggest win yet has been a custom ring for $2,500. I win prizes continuously, people ask what’s my winning strategy? I don’t have one. I would say persistence, and a positive attitude seem to help. I focus my energy on prizes I really want to win. I have fun with sweepstakes…