Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Contest Secrets That Every Sweeper Should Know

1. Set Up a Separate E-mail Address
Some sweepstakes require you to receive a newsletter or other e-mail in order to win. Some don't. But even if you opt out of receiving e-mails whenever possible, you will probably still receive quite a few.

2.  Download a Form-Filler
With so much to do in a day, and so many sweepstakes to enter, saving time is essential. A form-filler can do that.  Two popular form-fillers are RoboForm and LastPass.

3. Find a Good Sweepstakes Directory
 There are hundreds, possibly even thousands, of sweepstakes going on right now. How do you find them? The best way is to use a sweepstakes directory. Two good ones are and Sweepstakes Advantage

4. Identifying Sweepstakes Scams
True sweepstakes are from brands you recognize, have official rules and a privacy policy. If it doesn’t look like a real sweepstakes, don’t risk submitting your information. NEVER share your social security number, financial information (like bank account numbers), or your credit card on an entry form. Sweepstakes entry forms will ask for your mailing information, contact information, email, and maybe a few survey questions. Never give a sweepstakes host information that you wouldn’t feel comfortable giving a stranger.

5.  Sweepstakes vs Contest 

So, what's the difference between sweepstakes vs contests?
The difference is quite simple. A sweepstakes winner is chosen by random drawing while a contest winner is determined by judging or votes, or a combination of the two.

6.  Use Bookmarks to Organize Your Entries

In order to enter sweepstakes quickly without running the risk of disqualification through duplicate entries, you need a method of organization. A free and effective way to store your sweepstakes where you can find them easily and enter them quickly is to use bookmarks to organize your sweepstakes entries.

7.  Always Read the Rules
It's very important that you understand the rules before you enter an online contest. Some sweeps are regional and only allow entries from certain cities or states, some require you to be a certain age, some allow only a single entry while others allow you to enter multiple times, some allow you to enter yourself, your husband and your children while others allow only one entry per household, and so on. You really should read the rules before entering any sweepstakes to make sure you understand the restictions and for a description of what you're signing up for. 

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